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    RE: Automated KS

    I have not figured this out yet. Yes the issue is that each drive is using the serial number as part of the names as well. I tried some %pre section options as well with no success. So still manually installing this on each server and using the GUI ...

  • hello sir i am trying to download the vmware fusion pro for my macbook air m2 but i am unable to download it can you please me help out sir.if yes then can please a mail bhattaraimilan275@gmai.com

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    RE: VMware download

    Workstation and Fusion Players have been discontinued, see this notice : VMware Fusion Pro: Now Available Free for Personal Use ...

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    RE: VMware download

    Hi, are seeing your entitlements in your support account? When not you were not able to download anything what isn't free. ...

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  • RE: Automated KS

  • RE: Automated KS

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  • We're currently running ESXi 7.0.3 Build 23307199 (7.0U3p) in two separate environments, and according to VMware ESXi release notes pages and the Build information page link below, we're at the latest patch/build version in both, using the three built-in ...

  • Someone in another thread says this: "The modification date is the date when the baseline's configuration has been created, or last modified." Can someone clarify a bit more on what this means? I created my own test baseline of patches back in 2020 ...