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  • Here is a direct link. Learning to navigate the new Broadcom site will be something worth taking time to do. It's a little different, but not hard after a few clicks around. It becomes very intuitive if you have spent 10 years on the VMware site like ...

  • Log into the ESXi Server : SSH into the ESXi server using your administrator credentials. List Active Sessions : Run the command esxcli network connections list to display all active network connections to the ESXi server. This will show you ...

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    RE: Shrinking thin VM hard

    To me, this looks like someone renamed the virtual disks manually (e.g. using the vmkfstools -E .... command), and accidentally ...

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    Connect esxi directly to Qnap

    Hi I wanted to connect my HPE G10 server with ESXI 8.0.2 lan port directly to my Qnap lan port in order to mount a datastore ...

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    Strange issue here standalone esxi 6.7 host. HP ilo shows sever is healthy and no hardware issues. Host only has 2 vm's running and they have e1000 drivers. The host has gone down for 2 days in a row around the same time. No one has touched any networking ...

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    #Error [DependencyError] VIB LSI_bootbank_scsi-mpt3sas_07. requires com.vmware.driverAPI-, but the requirement cannot be satisfied within the ImageProfile. VIB LSI_bootbank_scsi-mpt3sas_07. ...