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Fusion bridged mode not working only at public wifi

  • 1.  Fusion bridged mode not working only at public wifi

    Posted Dec 10, 2020 02:12 AM

    Host OS: Mac OS X Catalina 

    Guest OS: Kali Linux

    version: VMware FusionProfessional 12.0.0

    My virtual machine on My MacBook Pro 2015 cannot connect to Public Wifi.

    When the network adapter setting is "auto-detect",

    Network interfaces are not assigned any IP and cannot connect to internet.

    When the network adapter is "wifi",

    In the settings, the same IP address as the host machine  shows up on the setting screen. ( I think it is weird that the same ip is assigned in bridged network)

    But starting Guest machine, it does not have the IP assigned.  no ipv4 address in network interfaces.

    Are my network settings configured wrongly or Public wifi just cannot assign an IP on both host and guest machine?

    At home, exactly the same settings works fine without any issue. (home router gives the guest machine a private ip next to host machine)

    There are relatively fewer resources about the issues related to public wifi.  Need Help!

    Welcome anyone to help!