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Problems with VMWare Fusion 6 and OpenGL on Linux?

  • 1.  Problems with VMWare Fusion 6 and OpenGL on Linux?

    Posted Feb 07, 2014 12:42 AM

    I've got a 32-bit Linux guest that I use for development of an application that uses OpenGL. The application ultimately runs on ARM in an embedded environment, but we use 32-bit x86 VMs for development. The application runs fine under VMWare Fusion 5.0.4, but every time I try to use the same VM under 6.0.2 (both before and after upgrading the vmware tools), I get serious compositing bugs and graphical glitches. I've also run into graphical corruption issues on 6.0.2 with fresh 32-bit VMs with brand new Ubuntu 13.10 installs (the applications menus in the default OpenGL-accelerated window manager don't redraw properly when you scroll). I haven't had a chance to try a 64-bit VM (they aren't usable for the work I do). This is a major issue preventing me from adopting Fusion 6. Is this a known issue or something that other people have run into?