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  • 1.  Services need to start?

    Posted Apr 18, 2024 02:06 PM


    We have a System with 3 ESXi Nodes in a vSAN Cluster and a vCenter Service Appliance. 
    I should evaluate what services on the ESXi server must running.
    Three services I can't find informations what they are do. 
    Can anybody help me.
    The services are
    - apiForwarder
    - VDTC Service
    - infravisor


  • 2.  RE: Services need to start?

    Posted 6 days ago


    VDTC Service and the infravisor service, are not commonly documented in the standard list of ESXi services. It's possible that these services are part of a third-party application that installs additional services on the ESXi host. The available services on an ESXi host depend on the VIBs that are installed. If these services are causing issues or if you need more information about them, I would recommend checking the documentation provided with the specific software that added these services, or reaching out to the software vendor's support.

    The apiForwarder service on ESXi is part of the system services that handle various operations within the ESXi environment. Specifically, the apiForwarder service is related to the vSphere Trust Authority API forwarder and its activities are recorded in the log file located at /var/run/log/esxapiadapter.log1. This service is essential for the proper functioning of the vSphere Trust Authority by forwarding API calls to the appropriate components. Please refer the below URL for the log location of API Forwarder.


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