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  • 1.  Bad Sectors on VMDK

    Posted Mar 26, 2024 01:55 PM

    We had a single drive fail in an array.  Replaced the drive and rebuilt the array.  The issue is after the rebuild we are getting bad sector events in the virtual servers, D drive which has a majority of the data on it.  The backup manufacturer took about two weeks to troubleshoot the issue and in the end told us to run a chkdsk on the virtual drive.  So we are about two weeks behind on backups. 

    We have narrowed the bad files / secrtors to a single folder on the D drive which contains about 1.5TB of data.  We can run backups on the other folders on the D drive but anytime we run a backup on that selected folder with the 1.5TBs it locks up the server and we get errors in the event log with bad sector events.

    The issue is the drive is 4TB.  We spun up a backup of the VM from two weeks ago to run a test and it says it is going to take 85 hours to run the chkdsk on the bad drive and the drive has to be dismounted for it to run. 

    We can't wait that long.  There are a lot of folders on the disk in the vm that we can copy and move so we have narrowed the bad sectors and files to that 1.5TB single folder. 

    Is there a way to copy or move the files in the 1.5TB folder and have it skip inaccessible files that are on the bad sector on the VMDK?  Xcopy, Robocopy?

    Looking for options without this server going offline for that long to repair or get the files on the drive.