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having trouble with imported vista boot camp

  • 1.  having trouble with imported vista boot camp

    Posted Dec 09, 2009 02:19 AM

    I'm running VMWare Fusion 2.0.6 on a 2nd gen MacBook Pro - up until now i've been loading a Boot Camp partition of vista as a virtual machine, but as I'm running out of space and also want to upgrade it to Windows 7, decided to import it to a proper virtual machine to facilitate the growth of the virtual disk, but am thwarted by the fact that the disk won't grow. When I view disk management in Vista it appears that it views the entire Macintosh hard drive (~160Gb), of which about 30Gb is formatted for Vista (the original size of the Boot Camp partition). See attachment 'vista_disk_mgmt.png'.

    When I try to change the size of the hard disk in the virtual machine's settings, it displays as 149.5Gb, and I am unable to move the slider to any amount below that. I can't move it any higher, as that's basically the entire size of the host machine's hard drive.

    Anyone know what to do in this situation? I need to make the guest Vista VM able to expand, especially since the Windows 7 installer requires 12Gb of free space, and my Vista partition only has 3Gb of free space left.