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Need assistance with VLAN creation

  • 1.  Need assistance with VLAN creation

    Posted Apr 15, 2024 02:31 PM

    Hi guys trying to setup vlans for my esxi host instance, so a bit of a run down, I created VLAN on my router/firewall (pfsense) created dhcp for VLAN and then ran an IP check the IP is picking up and I can visit the management page of the router via the VLAN IP I adjusted the switch I have connected to the server and can see packets going through on each port set with the VLAN ID when I go to ESXi host and create a new vSwitch new management port group with VLAN ID on the switch and created a new VMkernel NIC, when I go to the ESXI host console and set the VLAN there I get an error "setting ip/ipv6 configuration failed: Unable to set: Network unreachable, when I try and set it again it goes through but then I don't have access to the webui, anyone able to point me in the right direction?