VMware vSphere

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  • 1.  License upgrade broken.

    Posted Apr 18, 2024 03:32 PM

    This is mading.  I have better things to do with my time.  I have a client that had a system failure.  So they pay for the support agreement so are entitled to the latest version.  Well since we are reinstalling might as well get them there.  So I stupidly installed version 8.  They were on 6.7.  I had them login to the web site and I would upgrade their version for them.  I updated from 6 to 7 with no issue.  Whey I updated from 7 to 8 it failed with the message cant upgrade at this time.  So I go to the create a ticket page but it won't let you create a ticket for licenses issues.  I called support and when you pick licensing it says use the portal and hangs up on you.  This is absurd that our mutual client can't get help with simple licensing issue when they paid for that privilege.  Maybe a class action lawsuit is in order.