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  • 1.  USB in DOS

    Posted Mar 15, 2019 08:48 AM

    I'm running Shadow Protect Recovery Enviroment from VMWare Fusion, but the problem is the image i need to restore, is from USB drive .... Since i can't connect it (volume formatted as FAT32) to VM, must i restore in other ways i.e.over network instead?


    If this was in Windows, i'd just install the Intel driver,but not possible in this case. USB in VM settings is set as: USB 2.0

    Update: I found this Download Intel® Ethernet Adapter Drivers for MS-DOS*  ...

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  • 2.  RE: USB in DOS

    Posted Mar 15, 2019 01:24 PM

    Do not connect the USB disk as USB device.

    Instead connect it as a physical disk.

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  • 3.  RE: USB in DOS

    Posted Mar 16, 2019 12:22 AM

    Do you men this? VMware Knowledge Base

    I'e created rawdisk files successfully, by seems VMFusion 11 doesn't like it:  "VMX file is corrupted"

    ide0:1.present = "TRUE"

    ide0:1.fileName = ""

    ide0:1.deviceType = "<parth to .vmk file created from diskcreator"

    suspend.disabled = "TRUE"

    The VM file itself is hosted on the same drive, but not on the same volume

    eg.. the physical external usb drive is hybrib (HFS partiition, + Fat32)

    The 'diskcreator' command points to the right volume, but perhaps its not working because the drive is multi-partition ?

  • 4.  RE: USB in DOS
    Best Answer

    Posted Mar 16, 2019 09:54 AM

    Your vmx-file is corrupt because you did not enter the path to the vmdk to the ....fileName parameter.

    Instead you assigned it to the ...deviceType parameter which you do not need at all.

  • 5.  RE: USB in DOS

    Posted Mar 16, 2019 11:14 AM

    In addition it needed to be in the bundle....