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  • 1.  VMware Fusion Memory Leak

    Posted Aug 30, 2022 03:22 PM

    I have Mac running the latest macOS Monterey and VMware fusion 12.2.4.  I am seeing that if I have a VM with 6GB of RAM, it will just climb on memory usage.  Sometimes fast, 20-30MB/minute, other times below after a reboot, super fast.  I would love to just file a bug but that appears to not be possible.  The guest OS is Windows 10.  I have tried 6GB of RAM, watched it climb north of 12.5GB of RAM before I had to reboot it.  I also had the same VM with 10GB of RAM where it was hitting 18GB of RAM in MacOS even though inside it only saw 10GB of RAM.

    I am looking for ideas here because I cannot afford to just leave my VM on like I use to. 

    Datestamp / % of RAM used / Ram used in KB, this is after a reboot
    Tue Aug 30 09:11:24 CDT 2022 23.8 8000080
    Tue Aug 30 09:12:25 CDT 2022 29.2 9793964
    Tue Aug 30 09:13:25 CDT 2022 34.1 11436128
    Tue Aug 30 09:14:25 CDT 2022 34.1 11458176
    Tue Aug 30 09:15:25 CDT 2022 34.2 11460544

  • 2.  RE: VMware Fusion Memory Leak

    Posted Aug 30, 2022 03:41 PM

    % of RAM used is not an indicator of a problem because of the way all modern operating systems manage memory. "Free memory" is used as disk cache and will is released if the system needs it for other uses.

    A more accurate representation is the Memory Pressure graph in the macOS Activity Monitor. This takes into account the presence of paging/swapping activity which is the true warning sign of over-subscription of memory. If that display goes into the red zone frequently, then you indeed have a memory use problem.

    How is the memory pressure trending on your system?

    Fusion is also using memory for other items, such as emulating the graphics system and hard disk buffering. One tweak you have in Fusion to potentially reduce memory footprint is to disable Hard Disk Buffering in the VM's settings: Advanced > Hard Disk Buffering. Change it from "Default" to "Disabled".