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Your CA Communities Profile 

04-14-2014 10:07 AM

Your Global Thumbnail

Your global bio thumbnail (pictured below) is a snippet of your account information which can be found on every CA Communities page. Here, you will find your picture and screenname, along with a drop down menu that allows you to monitor your CA Communities presence in just a few clicks.



Your Personal Profile

Your personal profile is your one-stop spot for managing all of your personal relationships and information within the CA Communities. You can navigate to your profile via the drop down menu next to your global bio thumbnail.


This drop down menu will also enable you to edit your profile, change your password, access Jive's Help documents, download some of Jive's useful tools, view your personally customized calendar, or log out.


When you click on "View Profile", you are automatically directed to your personal profile page. From here, you can manage all of your personal information and connections, as well as view your recent activity, content that you've created or participated in, as well as your relevant places, your gamification points and badges, your bookmarks, and your personal calendar.



Your number of points and current level refer to your current progress in the gamification system, CA Champions. This information is displayed just below your primary profile picture. These numbers are based on your level of activity in the CA Communities, and reflect then number of points you've earned thusfar. For more information pertaining to CA Champions, please read the CA Champions overview.



The contacts center is the area in which you will control your connections and relationships within the communities. From here, you can easily connect with, follow, block, or private message CA Communities users.


Following a user will subscribe you to their activities within the communities. You will be able to see all of their activities in your Connections Stream, or your inbox, depending on how you choose to follow them. More information on Following and Preferences.

Blocking a user will prohibit them from connecting with or following you. Users you have blocked will not receive notifications from your activities and will prevent them from viewing your activities or personal messaging you.


Connecting with a user will function similar to the "friends" function on social media sites. In order to become "connected" with another user, you must follow the user and the user must also follow you back. "Connecting" with another user allows you and that user to exchange private messages. Private messaging a user will create a message that only you and that person are able to see. Private messages appear as notifications in your inbox.


Skills and Expertise

The Skills and Expertise section is a new functionality available on all users' personal profiles that allow a user to feature their skills and areas of interest. Adding skills and expertise to your profile will enable other users to quickly see your interests and areas of expertise and help you to establish yourself as a thought leader in certain areas. Other users have the option to endorse your skills and expertise, and add suggestions for other skills they think that you should add (these suggestions will require your approval before appearing in your profile).


Status Updates

Status updates are used to convey short thoughts or statements that you'd like to share with the CA Communities. Once created, a status update will remain on your profile until a new one is created to replace it. You can also create status updates in specific communities or groups, which can be useful when sharing short thoughts or comments that are not complex enough to constitute being submitted as a document or discussion. For more information on when to post a status update as opposed to a discussion, please read Choosing the Right Type of Content.


**Please note that status updates posted to groups or communities are not categorized in the content library of that place, and can only be found on that group or community's activity feed.


Personal Blog

Your personal blog, located on your personal profile, is a place where you can create blog posts on subjects you specialize in or take special interest in. This area is your space to share your knowledge and expertise with your fellow CA Communities users, and let your voice be heard.


Activity Tab

This section within your personal profile displays the most recent content you've created or interacted with in any of the communities or groups within the CA Communities. You can filter the activity stream by all content or just status updates.


Content Tab

The content tab allows you to filter through all of the content that you've indicated is important to you. This section compiles all of the content you've authored, created drafts for, participated in, or followed in one comprehensive browse window. You can filter content by each of those categories, or further filter by content type or tag. You can also view the content tab on other user's profile, which allows you to easily find content based on its author.



The bookmarks area within your personal profile is a list of content that you have bookmarked within the CA Communities system.



Your reputation is based on the number of points and badges you have earned in the gamification system, CA Champions. Navigating to the "Reputation Center" from your profile will display:

  • your progress in the CA Champions program so far
  • a comprehensive list of your most recent missions completed
  • a list of all possible missions that you can complete in the future
  • your points ranking among your fellow CA Communities members

For more information on CA Champions, please view Gamification.


Personal Calendar

Your personal calendar is a calendar that is customized to your personal upcoming events. This calendar compiles all of the events you have created and RSVP'd to, to show you a comprehensive list of all of your upcoming events in the CA Communities. Your personal calendar is a very useful tool for tracking all of your upcoming events and meetings. To view a calendar of all events happening in the CA Communities, please view the Event Calendar.

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