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Where to Find Content, People, and Places 

04-22-2014 11:53 AM

There are a number of ways to find people, places, and content in the CA Communities. Searching, browsing your history, bookmarking content, and visiting your profile are some ways to find things. This document will walk you through each of these processes step-by-step to help you find things in the CA Communities as quickly and easily as possible.



The search box, located on the top right-hand side of all pages within the CA Communities, allows you to use keywords to find the content, place or person you're looking for. The search bar also has a function to automatically bring up recently viewed or frequently viewed content. This area will also display your last 10 bookmarks. To view this content simply click on the search bar without typing anything in, as is shown below:

Browse   Places   CA Communities.png



To search by keyword:

  1. Click the search field in the upper right corner of any CA Communities webpage
  2. start typing the keyword(s) int o the field. After 3 characters the spotlight search will show you some options, and will continue to narrow the suggestions as you continue to enter more characters.
  3. If you see your desired result in the search suggestions, simply click on it to be relocated to that piece of content, person, or community
  4. If you do not see your search result, hit the enter key to navigate to the search results page where you can see additional search items or refine your search.

Tip: Adding tags (keywords) to your content will improve the results users get while searching for specific content.



The Browse interface within the CA Communities allows you to view all of the people, places, and content available to you within any community, or from the front page. It also provides filters which will allow you to narrow down your view and pin point relevant items. To browse for an item, simply select content, people, or communities to browse through those specific items from the top banner.



For example, if you were looking for a specific piece of content:


  1. Navigate to the appropriate community, or to the "Content" tab from the front page of the CA Communities
  2. By default, the "All" option will be selected on the left side. You can change this to filter through recently viewed content, content you are following, content you've participated in, content you've authored, drafts you've authored, or even through our Jive Genius suggestion engine, which tracks your activity in the communities to filter content most relevant to you.
  3. Click the the button for the type of content you are looking for along the top bar of the browse window. You can filter by any type of content available in the communities, ie. documents, blog posts, polls, ideas, and more. Choosing a specific type of content from the top bar will remove all other content types from the view and open up additional filter options
  4. Apply any other filters that you'd like including keywords, recent activity, date created, tags, and more.
  5. Simply click on the piece of content you were searching for to be brought to that item.


Your Profile

When viewing your personal profile there are many different pages other than the profile itself that can help you pinpoint people, communities, and specific content.

  1. directly below the header area of the profile, click the "Content" link. This will show you your content in a similar style to the browsing option detailed above. Sort and filter your content in a similar way as the browsing interface to find the content you're looking for.
  2. Optionally, you can click the "Activity" link to see an overview of what you've been doing recently. This function is similar to the main activity stream on the homepage of the CA Communities. This activity stream will allow you to find communities you've recently visited, people you've interacted with, and content you've recently participated in.
  3. Click the "More" drop down to see many more options like connections with other users, communities you follow, tasks you've been assigned, bookmarks you've created, your personal calendar with all of your events, and your reputation center, which details your progress in CA Champions.

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