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Symantec Connect Community Migration 

Jan 29, 2020 12:08 PM

Helpful Links from March 6, 2020

Here are some helpful links the support team sent over:

KB for login

KB for entitlements

KB for downloads

KB for case mgmt

Transition Guide


Symantec Connect Community Migration

Jan 30, 2020
In an effort to streamline and consolidate our product and user forums, Symantec Connect will migrate to the 
Broadcom Community.

Symantec products will be grouped together in one micro-site, existing topics and information will migrate over to the new forum pages, and your new accounts will need minimal activation. The legacy “Connect” experience on will function as it does today – you will have the ability to post articles and best practices, answer user questions, search the database for information, etc. 

We would like to share some upcoming changes and dates for you to keep in mind:

Between today – February 14: Ensure that you have logged on to your Connect Account in the last 24 months in order for your account information to be auto-transferred and auto-populated into the Broadcom Community.

Before February 14: If your current Rewards Points balance is at 100 points or more, you need to cash in your points. After this date, the points will become invalid for gift cards.

 Important: Your lifetime “Rank and Reputation” points will transfer with your account and you will continue to accumulate these, based on participation.

February 15: becomes “Read Only” while we migrate user and forum information to the new website. You will still be able to search existing data for topics, solutions, and other information. If you have an issue you need help with during this transition time please call support or open a support case online.

 Between February 28 – March 1: Connect will be turned off. No access to this site and the website closes. If you have an issue you need help with during this transition time please call support or open a support case online.

 March 2, 2020: new Symantec experience launches on Broadcom.comYou will receive an email from IT that includes a link and instructions to reset your password (along with a new process via Okta for dual factor authentication to verify your identity). Your new account will automatically reconnect you to your current communities and migrate existing content you created in the past.

 For additional details on how to call support or open a support case please click HERE.


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