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Sharing Content Across Multiple Communities 

11-05-2015 10:41 AM

Sharing content across multiple communities is a great way to cross-promote content in a quick and efficient way. So how does it work? After you’ve created a piece of content, you can click on the “Share” button to the top-right of the content. Once the share prompt pops up, type in and select the communities you’d like to share this content with.



Once you share the content with a community, that content will pop up on the communities’ homepage and content pages. However, when a user clicks on that content, they will be brought back to the original content (in the original community) that was shared. This allows the content to appear in several communities, while still compiling all comments/likes/views/etc. in one place.


Once you’ve shared that content to other communities, you can also easily remove any of the shares by heading to the original content and clicking on the “Appears in __ other places” prompt at the top of the content page. You can add more communities by simply clicking the “Share” button again.


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