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04-25-2014 04:47 PM

Projects are places that allow you to collect other CA Communities user’s content in a way that focuses their work along a schedule that works toward a specific goal. A project is a great way to give collaborative work its own space, and provide a context that’s time, outcome, and task-based.


A project can contain most of the same kinds of content as groups and spaces, but it can also contain tasks that you can assign to people, set due dates for, and mark as complete. You can also add checkpoints to a project as a way of making sure your work is proceeding on track. A checkpoint is like a milestone in the schedule and it’s often used as a point at which to review your project before proceeding.


Remember that projects are can only be created within existing communities and groups.



Project Checkpoints

Checkpoints are time points, such as milestones, along your project timeline that remind you to check on the progress of your project to help you stay on track. To modify or set checkpoints for a specific project, please contact your community administrator.

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