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04-28-2014 02:50 PM

Browsing People

There are several ways to find and browse through users on the CA Communities site. The easiest way to sort through CA Communities members, is to click on the Browse tab on the top banner of the CA Communities site.


From here, you will be brought to a browsing list of all CA Communities members. This list can be sorted by people you follow, people who follow you, recently viewed users, connection recommendations based on your past activity, or all. In this view, each user has his/her own tile that shows their username, their profile picture, and a quick overview of followers vs. following. To navigate to a user's profile from this view, simply click on their username.



Each Community also has its own people tab. From here, you'll find a similar browsing page that lists all followers or members of a community or group.



Connecting with People

To connect with a user, navigate to the People tab and use the sorting options to filter through and find relevant people. Once you've found the person or people you'd like to connect with,  click on the gear image in the bottom right corner of that user's tile, and click "follow." From there you can choose whether to follow that user via your inbox or connections stream, depending on how closely  you'd like to follow that user's activity. For more information on following preferences, please read Following.

Once you follow a user who is also following you back, that user is added to your Connections. An overview of your connections can be found just below your profile picture on your profile page.


Private Messaging and Discussions

Once you are connected with a user (you follow them and they follow back) you will be able to communicate with them via private messages. To private message another user, simply navigate to the browsing page, and click on the gear image on the bottom right corner of the user's tile, as shown above, but instead of clicking "follow" click on "send a message."

From there, you'll be taken to a create content page that will let you give your message a title, a body equipped with @mention and picture integration capabilities, and the option to add additional users to your message thread. These private messages are great for quick exchanges with groups and coworkers.


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