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07-10-2014 01:15 PM

Ideation is a tool that is present in most global, product-based communities within the CA Communities. The Ideas tool allows users to submit ideas or product enhancements on specific CA Technologies products or solutions. These ideas can then be commented and voted on by other users, and CA Product Management will review these ideas for review and possible implementation into future updates.


Ideas can be created in any community with ideation turned on. You can tell whether a community has ideation turned on by going to that community, clicking on "Content" and sorting by "Ideas." If ideas appear, the community currently supports ideation. If your community does not currently support ideation and you would like to submit an idea, talk to your community manager about the possibility of turning ideation on in that space.



Creating an idea works similarly to creating a discussion or a document. You can go to the "Actions" button from within a community, and select "idea."


From there, you'll be brought to the content creation page, where you can add a title, description, and choose where to post the idea.  You can also choose to submit the idea as a guest user which will hide your identity from other users, however product management will be able to track who submitted the idea as guest.



**Please Note: the CA Communities team strongly recommends avoidance of the "Hidden" option. Selecting "Hidden for an idea will hide the idea from all users except system admins, and will greatly decrease the probability of your idea being seen by the CA Product Management team.


Once you have created an idea, you can check back frequently to see the number of votes, comments, and status of an idea. Voting on an idea is as simple as clicking the up/down arrows just beneath the idea's title. The image below shows an example of an idea that a user has voted up on. You can also see that the number of votes, as well as the current stage of the idea are located just below the title.

The stage of an idea is updated by Product Management, and indicates which stage of the review process the idea is currently in. The stages are: New, Under Review, Not Planned, Currently Planned, and Delivered. Voting is enabled for ideas in the New and Under Review stages.


For more information on the different types of content within the communities, and which type of content is best for your purposes, check out Choosing the Right Type of Content.

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