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How to Create Content 

04-28-2014 11:13 AM

The option to create content appears in many places throughout the CA Communities. The first, and most obvious way, is to click on the "Create" drop down from the top banner that appears on all CA Communities webpages.



There is also the option to create a piece of content from directly within the desired community by clicking on the "Actions" drop down on the community banner.



Now, let's take a closer look at the options we have while creating new content. Whichever type of content you choose to create, there will be a nearly identical process to follow in the creation of that content. The available content types in the CA Communities are discussions (including questions or discussion threads), collaborative documents, uploaded documents, blog posts, polls, videos, events, and ideas. For more information on which content type is right for your purposes, please read Choosing the Right Type of Content.


Please note that polls, blog posts, and events permission specific by community and can only be posted by users with certain permission levels. As such, those options may not appear in your actions drop down for certain communities. If you need to post a blog post, poll, or event in a specific community, please reach out to your community manager.


After you click on whichever type of content you'd like to create, you will be relocated to the "Create New Content" page. From there, the first step is to create a title and a body for your piece of content. If you are asking a question, please make sure the "Mark this discussion as a question" box just below the title is checked (you'll want to uncheck this for a regular discussion thread).


The body for each type of content is equipped with a rich text editor with several new features. For instance, the rich text editor now has the option to embed pictures and videos within the body of a piece of content. There are also options to attach files, and @mention any user in the CA Communities to alert them to your content or prompt a response.



After creating the body of your content, it's now time to choose the community in which you'd like your content to be stored. You can add a place, or change the place in which you'd like to post your content from the "In a Place" section.



Next, it's time to choose some tags that go along with your content. Adding tags to a piece of content helps to categorize it in the system, and makes it more searchable and findable for other users in the system. For instance, some good tags for this training doc would be "training," "help"and  "how to." This way, any users that search for help, how to, or training will be able to find this document.



Once you've created your content, selected a place, and added some tags, it's time for the final step - to select a category for your content. Categories sort content into product-focused groups which allow for easy sorting and locating of appropriate content. For example, if a community represents several different products, there would be categories set up for each to allow people to sort through content according to those individual products. Putting your content into a product category will greatly increase the chances of other product users or experts seeing that content. All content created within a community must be assigned a category before being created.


Once you are done with all the above steps, click "Post" to publish your content. Some content types - such as documents - allow for you to save a draft to come back to later before publishing publicly as well.

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