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How to Access and Join the Communities 

04-14-2014 11:53 AM

How to Access and Join the Communities

Once you are registered and signed into the CA Communities platform, you are ready to get started and participate. To do so, visit and make sure you are logged in to the site. The "Log In" option can be found to the far right of the top, grey banner, next to the search bar.


Once you are signed in, click on "Communities" from the top banner.



From there, you will be taken to a directory of all of the available CA Communities. Here, you can search for specific communities in the "type to filter by text" bar, or simply browse through all available communities.


Browse   Places   CA Communities.png


To join a Community, simply click on the gear symbol next to it, and select "follow". At this point, you can choose whether to follow the item in an activity stream or your inbox. For more information on the different types of following and preferences, please read the Following doc.

You can also follow a community by visiting the community homepage and selecting "follow" on the top right corner of the community banner, and then selecting "done" on the associated pop-up.


If you'd like to customize where you follow the community, you can do so by selecting one of the available options on the "Following" pop-up. These options include "Connections Stream," "Inbox" and any custom streams you've created. Selecting "Inbox" will send notifications to your inbox every time new activity takes place in that community. Selecting "Connections Stream" will allocate all activity notifications from this community to your connections stream which is accessible from the CA Communities homepage. Connections stream updates do not send emails or notifications unless the email option is specifically selected in your preferences. By default, all follows are set to the "Connections Stream" option unless otherwise indicated.  For more information on following and preferences, please reference Following, Preferences or Creating Custom Streams.

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