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Getting to Know the CA Communities Homepage 

04-25-2014 04:28 PM


The homepage for the CA Communities features a slider at the top of the page, which features important news and events taking place in the community and an overview in the center of the page that aggregates all of the activity taking place in the Communities, as well as a list of top participants, newest members, and popular tags to the right-hand side of the page. This default view is designed to keep you up-to-date on everything happening in the communities immediately upon signing in.

From the homepage you can use the navigation pane on the left to easily navigate to the activity stream, any personalized activity streams you've created, your inbox, and your action items.


By clicking on "Activity" on the navigation pane, you will be brought to the activity stream page.The activity stream is simply a closer and more detailed look at the recent activity  that's displayed on the CA Communities homepage. From the Activity page, you'll be able to see the most recent activity coming in from all of the communities, content, and people within the CA Communities. The filter option allows you to sort by just status updates or all content, and there's also the option to only display content that "Matters Most" to you. By selecting "Matters Most" from the filter drop down, you are activating the recommendation engine that will  display content that the system predicts matters most to you based on your activity within the communities.


The activity stream page also features a list of recommended and trending content on the right side of the page. Recommended content is content that is recommended for you based on your activity and following preferences, and trending content features content with a high levels of participation.



Connections Stream

The "Connections Stream" page is similar to the activity stream page, in that it displays an overview of recent activity taking place in the communities, with the main difference being that the connections stream only displays activity from people you're connected with, and/or content and communities you've followed with the option "connections stream" checked off. This view will allow you to see recent activity involving the places, people, and content you've elected to follow, and thus filters out updates to display only the activity surrounding items you've indicated are important to you. For more information on following, and following via connections streams, please read Following.


Creating Customized Activity Streams

Having the ability to create your own custom streams allows you to customize the way you view activity across the site. While “Activity” compiles activity taking place in all of the CA Communities, and “Connections Stream” showcases the activity of the personal connections you’ve established, the Custom Stream feature allows you to “filter out the noise” by picking and choosing certain people and communities you'd like to follow closely. Aside from people and communities, you can also set up custom streams for teams, working groups, projects, etc. that you've created.


To create a new stream:

  • Click on "Activity" in the navigation on the right side of the CA Communities homepage
  • Under Activity click on > "New Stream".


  • You’ll be able to search for People and Communities in the search box provided in the stream set-up window. You’ll also see suggestions for People and Communities presented to you. To add a person or place: click on the add button or drag and drop the entry into the empty column to the left of the search or suggestion results.
  • You can turn email notifications on/off for each of your custom streams on this page, as well. The notifications button can be found above the list of people and places you’ve selected to follow in this stream. These can also be modified in your preferences page. For more information on updating or editing email preferences, please see Following.
  • Give your stream a name.
  • Click Done.


The Stream will immediately begin to populate.


To edit your streams:

  • Click on your custom stream.
  • Click on the small gear image that appears next to it.
  • In the modal box that appears, you can edit, delete, and set the stream as your default view.



Your inbox is your one-stop place for all interactions surrounding you or your content. All likes, mentions, private messages, and following alerts are automatically sent to your inbox. You can also set your following preferences to send updates on certain communities or pieces of content to your inbox as well. All notifications from info sent to your inbox will pop up right next to the "home" button from any CA Communities page, or right next to your inbox on the CA Communities homepage.


In addition, there is a functionality available to forward all inbox notifications to your email address. For more info on that, and customizing your inbox alerts, please check out Following.



The actions page contains notifications surrounding items that have been "marked for action" by you, or have been assigned as action items to you by another user. These notifications will remain in place until you or another member marks the item as resolved.


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