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04-14-2014 11:16 AM

Gamification in the CA Communities


Gamification is an initiative that gauges the level of participation for each CA Communities user. The gamification system allows users to earn points for every action they perform within the CA Communities. Actions like creating content, following people and places, and interacting with others are assigned points that a user can earn as they complete those actions, and there are also missions which combine those actions to allow users to earn larger amounts of points as well as badges that are displayed on their profiles. Earning points and badges allows users to advance through the gamification levels as well as move up in the rankings against their peers.


Just below your profile picture, you will see a box that displays the amount of points you have earned, accompanied by your current level. As users perform tasks within the communities, they are each awarded points, and subsequently, badges. The more points you earn as a CA Communities member, the higher your level will grow, and a higher level can result in special missions and even eligibility to cash your points in for prizes!



Performing certain tasks within the communities also results in you earning badges. You can easily track which badges you've earned, which badges you're working towards earning, and all of the possible badges you can earn from the "reputation center" in your profile. To access the reputation center, simply click on the "more" tab from your profile, and select "reputation."



From the reputation center you will now be able to track your badges and points in a few different ways. From the "activity" tab, you will be able to view the badges/points you have earned most recently.



Navigating to the "Missions" tab will show you a list of badges you heave earned, as well as the badges you are working towards, and will be able to earn in the future. Each of these badges coincides with a mission that has certain requirements to be achieved before its completion. Completing all of the tasks in a mission earns a badge along with the subsequent points associated with that badge.



From the Missions tab, you can also select three badges to be displayed on your global drop-down that represent your achievements in gamification so far. These three badges are also known as "Me in Three." In order to select which badges you'd like included in your "Me in Three" simply hover over your list of badges (located next to your level ranking) and drag and drop three of your achieved badges into the allocated spaces.



The Places tab will show you the badges you have earned that are associated with specific places or groups, and the "Ranking" tab will show you how you measure up against your teammates and fellow CA Communities members, by comparing your points value against other users of the communities.

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