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04-22-2014 04:44 PM


When finding a piece of content that you'd like to watch closely, one option is to follow that content. following content will either route its activity into your activity stream or your inbox, depending on which option you choose.


To follow a piece of content, simply click on the gear image on the bottom right corner of the content's tile while browsing content, and click "follow." You will then be prompted by a pop-up to choose whether to follow via activity stream or inbox.


Following via activity stream will display any activity taking place in the content to your "Following" stream in the "News" section. You can then move the activity to a custom stream should you choose, for more information on custom streams, please read the Custom Streams document.


Following a piece of content via your inbox will notify you of any activity taking place on that piece of content in your inbox. You can also opt to have any notifications emailed directly to you from within your Preferences page.


For more information on electing for email notifications, please read the Preferences document.



By sharing content with other CA Communities users, you can bring interesting content that may not have otherwise been seen to their attention. The Share function is also great for collaborating on private content without having to @mention someone in the body of the content itself.


To share a piece of content, simply click on the "share" button at the top right corner of the page while viewing a piece of content. You will then be prompted to enter the names of the person or people you'd like to share that content with. With the move to cloud, sharing to communities is now possible! For more information on how to share a piece of content with other communities, check out this doc: Sharing Content Across Multiple Communities.




Bookmarking a piece of content enables you to easily return to relevant or important content without having to search for them. You can only bookmark content, not people or places. Bookmarks can be found by clicking in the search window at the very top right or every CA Communities page and choosing the "Bookmarks" option.



To create a bookmark, click on the "Actions" button on the top right corner of the page while viewing the desired piece of content. Then select "Bookmark." To remove a bookmark, simply click on that bookmark button again, and click "remove."




The ability to like content plays an important role in the promotion of CA Communities content. Liking a piece of content will show your support for the work done by your colleagues as well as help bump content higher up in the activity streams.


To like a piece of content, simply find the content in an activity stream and click like. You can also navigate to the piece of content itself and click like from there.


Liking isn't only limited to content types. CA Communities users have the option to like comments and status updates as well.

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