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04-22-2014 03:56 PM

All places in the CA Communities are located under "Communities" on the top banner of every webpage found on the communities site.

There are several different types of places located on the CA Communities. Those places are Communities, Subcommunities (which are located hierarchically under the top-level communities), Groups, and Projects. The default view under the "Communities" tab is a list of all the top-level communities. To navigate to a list of different types of spaces within the Communities tab, you can select a specific type of space from the top bar, as shown below.



The Communities are the individual, product-specific communities that most people come to the site for. Each community represents a different product or product family, and hosts content, members, and subcommunities that are specific to those products. Content within communities that represent several products can be filtered out by categories, which represent the individual products.


The homepage for each community has a community logo and a community banner with navigation to the other pages available within that community.



Each community also has an ask bar just below the community banner at the center of the page. This ask bar functions so that as you begin typing, relevant discussions/content that already exist in that community will begin to pop up. If any of the presented content answers your question or applies to your discussion, you can simply click to be brought to that piece of content, if not, you have the option to continue on to create a discussion.



The rest of the homepage for each community is made up of a community overview (top left), the categories available for that community (just below the overview), a recent activity section, and various other sections that contain relevant content for that community. Let's take a closer look at the other pages within each community which you can navigate to from the community banner.




The Content tab on the any given community homepage contains all of the created content for that specific community. The content can be filtered out by recently viewed content, content you are following, content you've participated in, content you've authored, drafts you've authored, or even through our suggestion engine which will compile a list of content most relevant to you. The content can also be filtered out by content type. This can be done by simply clicking on the content type you are looking for on the top bar of the content box. There are also options to filter by text and to arrange from by date created, date of last activity, and more. From here, you can easily follow, share, or bookmark any content you are interested in by clicking the gear symbol to the right of that piece of content.



The People tab allows you to see all of the people who follow the community. You can sort these people by name, and filter via keywords to find the people you are looking for. From here, you can easily follow, send a message, or start a discussion with any of the people in the list by clicking on the gear symbol on the right side of the person's line.



Subcommunities and Projects

The Subcommunities and Projects tab in any community shows all the communities located hierarchically below the current community and any projects that have been created within the community. Subcommunities often consist of Regional User Groups or any groups that are relevant to the parent space, but more specific in its content and focus. For more information on Projects, please see the Projects section below.



A community calendar is a place where all upcoming events for a specific community can be listed. Each community calendar exists independently to show only events relevant to the community it exists within. There is, however; an aggregated calendar which displays all events taking place within all of the CA Communities. To check that out, please visit the Event Calendar subcommunity.

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