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How do I log in to the new system?

You can log in to the CA Communities by typing into your browser, and clicking on the “Log In” hyperlink at the top right next to the search bar. From there, you will be brought to a log-in page. On your first log in to the CA Communities site, you will have to go through the forgot password process. Otherwise, you can log in from that page by entering in your credentials and clicking “Submit.” Please read through this doc for a step-by-step process of your first log in to the CA Communities post-migration: CA UIM - How to Log In to the New Communities.


Will the old system still be accessible?

No, the old CA UIM User Forum will go into read-only mode on March 13th 2015 at 3pm EST. All CA UIM content will be available on the CA Communities starting Monday, March 16th at 6am EST.

Where can I go to see all of the content that was in the CA UIM User Forum?

All of the content that was in the UIM User Forum is now located within the CA Infrastructure Management community. Following the migration, you will automatically be following this community. Once you’re in the community, you can click on “CA Unified Infrastructure Manager (f/k/a CA Nimsoft Monitor)” from the content page to find all CA UIM content.


Where can I go to see the content I’ve created?

You can find all the content you’ve created in your personal CA Communities profile. You can head to your profile by clicking on your name from the global drop down. Once you’re there, click on the “Content” tab, and make sure you have the “Authored” option selected. For more information on navigating around your profile, check out this doc: Your CA Communities Profile.


Is it true that I enter my Ideas in this community now?

Yes! One of the great benefits of moving CA UIM content into the CA Communities, is that you now have a one-stop place to submit all of your questions, ideas, and more! You can create an idea by heading to the CA Infrastructure Management community, and clicking on Actions>Idea. Or, you can just use this link:!input.jspa?containerID=2019&containerType=14 (remember you must be logged in to use this link).


Why do my ideas that were moved over from the old system look different?

Ideas from the old system have now been migrated into the CA Infrastructure Management community, however, you may notice some differences in creation date, vote counts, and the body of the ideas. The first difference you'll notice is that any images or screenshots that were included in the migrated ideas may not appear on this new site. This is because the system we migrated the ideas in from ( has a different way of storing images when compared to the new system (Jive). Another difference you will notice is that the creation date for your idea will indicate that it was created in April 2015 - the reason for this is because we had to do a mass import of all ideas, which changed the creation date to the day of the migration. Product Management is aware of this change and will work to address the ideas in accordance with their original dates. The final difference you will notice is that vote counts for the migrated ideas are currently missing. This will be a separate project, and the vote counts will be brought over in the next few weeks. When the vote counts are brought over, you'll notice that the points will be slightly different. This is because one vote in counted for 10 points on the idea while Jive counts 1 point for each vote. To account for this, we will be dividing the point counts for each of the migrated ideas by 10.


We have mapped Idea Stage as follows:









Under Review


Currently Planned



What happened to all the old Message Board Categories?

In the new system, instead of using message board categories, all content is sorted into product categories. To make up for this, we have added the old message board categories to each piece of content as a tag. You will be able to easily find all content that was located within a category by heading to the “Content” tab within the CA Infrastructure Management community, clicking on “Filter by Tag” and typing in the name of the old message board category.


What happened to all my subscriptions from the old system?

Not to worry – all your subscriptions from the CA UIM User Forum have been moved over with your account to the new system. Anything you were set to receive emails on before will still generate emails to your account.


How do I create new subscriptions for content I’d like to follow?

In the CA Communities, subscriptions are called follows. You can follow people, places and content in order to stay up to date on the things you’re interested in. The three options for following are via a connections stream, a custom stream, or via your inbox. Things that are followed via inbox will automatically send you email alerts on that item. For more information on this, check out these how-to docs: Following and Creating Custom Streams.


How do I get updates for all new CA UIM content?

In addition to following people, places and content, there is also an option to follow all content that is associated with a certain product (aka category). To subscribe to all CA UIM content, head to the CA Infrastructure Management community, and click on the “CA Unified Infrastructure Manager (f/k/a CA Nimsoft Monitor)” category. Once there, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on “Get a feed of this content” – now put in your desired email application, and click “Subscribe.” This will set up a custom RSS feed for the CA UIM category, and will automatically send you an email every time a new piece of content is posted to this category. For a more detailed explanation on how to follow via RSS feed, check out this doc: Subscribing via RSS Feeds.


How do I control which notifications get sent to my email?

By default, everything you follow to your inbox and via RSS feed will be sent to your email; items you follow via streams will not. To change or update these email options, you can head to your Preferences page and turn email on/off for all of these options. More details on your preferences page can be found here:Preferences.


How can I set up my time zone, language and locale?

To update these settings, head to your Preferences page. Just below the option to set your email preferences, you will see a section that includes the option to update your language, locale, and time zone. It is especially important to set up your time zone preferences in order to see the accurate times for events, replies, and more.


Why does my username look different?

Some of you may notice that your username looks like 1_username_38 instead of the username you had in the old system. This is because someone with your username already existed in the CA Communities. To fix that, we had to update your username to make it different enough to be migrated over. Please feel free to update your username once you have logged in to the new system.

So, how do I update my username or email address?

To update your username or email address in the CA Communities, you can head to the “Help” drop down from the top grey banner, and click on “My Account.” This will take you to your account (which is closely linked with your CA Communities account) where you will able to update some of your more advanced information such as your username, email, company, role, etc.  Please refer to this doc to learn more about which profile fields can be updated from the CA  Communities site, and which need to be updated from Editing and Updating Your Profile.


How do I follow or “friend” other users?

In this system, friends are now known as “Connections.” A connection is someone who is following you, who also follows you back. All of your connections can be found from the “Connections” setting located on your profile.


Can I access the CA Communities from my mobile device?

Yes! You are now able to access the CA Communities from any mobile browser, or from the Jive app which is available for Android and Apple devices. This document will walk you through the process of installing and using the Jive app: Using the Jive Mobile App.


Where can I go for any questions I have on the system?

The Water Cooler is a community set up especially for questions/comments/ideas about the CA Communities site itself. If you have any questions please feel free to post there, and someone will get back to you in a timely manner. The Water Cooler is also the place for contests, initiatives and more. One example of this is the Customer Experience initiative that was recently held there, where customers could provide feedback on CA Support Offerings.


If your question is around functionality and features of the CA Communities site, the Training community may be able to help. This community hosts many how-to and training documents on almost every feature and functionality available in the CA Communities. We also have a customized section set up just for you guys coming in from the CA UIM User Forum!


We recommend you follow both of these communities in order to stay up-to-date on new training materials, site features, and exciting initiatives happening within the communities.


You may also contact your Community Managers if you need help: and

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