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Asking Questions - Best Practices 

08-25-2016 12:12 PM

Odds are, you've come to the communities to ask product-related questions, and receive answers from experts. The document Choosing the Right Type of Content  covered how to create a post. What should you do after asking your question, and how to mark it as resolved?


Keep an eye on the responses coming in to your question. You can check through e-mail alerts Preferences, checking your inbox or going to your question. Once responses start to come in for your question, it is up to you to engage with them, and there are a few options available. The biggest three are.


1) Marking Answers as Correct

Marking a reply as the "Correct Answer" lets community members, CA employees, and experts know your question is resolved. Only you, the question creator, can mark an answer as correct. Mark as Correct Answer Button( Admins have this ability.) Marking an answer to question as correct offers multiple benefits. 


  • It awards points to the user who provided the correct answer from our Gamification system. Assisting them along the way to earn badges and climbing the point leader boards.  
  • Marking an answer correct also acts as a thank you to the answer provider.
  • Find Information Faster/Prevent Duplicate Questions - We all want our questions to be answered ASAP. Marking an answer correct once its provided, helps other community members Correct answer moved to top of threadwith similar questions. Community members can find the correct answer when it's marked in the thread. As the reply marked as correct is brought to the top of the thread. 
    • Imagine finding a thread with a question almost similar to yours. "Awesome, I don't need to post a question and wait, the answer is already here." But, the question creator never came back to mark a correct answer. Now you must take the time to read each response, and waste more time. Unsure of what will work you create your own question and now have to wait for individuals to respond. 
    • CA Employees, product experts, and community members answer countless questions each day. When a question is marked with a correct answer, community members know the question is closed and can move onto the next question. When a question creator does not come back to mark an answer as correct to their question, this creates a backlog. This compounds to dozens, even hundreds of questions. Meaning slower response times to newer questions as individuals look at backlog questions to see if they have been answered. 



2) Replying to Responses

    The second way is responding to the individual who replied to your question. Occasionally, individuals will need more information to answer your question. Question creators who don't reply to these             responses, are not likely to get the information they are seeking. Replying to an answer may also be workable if you need to ask for further clarification on an individuals provided solution. (As seen         below.)




 3) Marking a Response as Helpful

      Beneath each reply to your question is the option to mark it as "Helpful"

      Doing this will reward the individual who replied with points in our Gamification  system. It will also alert other community members who interact with your question that this response assisted you but         did not answer your question. This makes it easier for others to find this information and may answer questions they have. Of course, every response  does not need to be marked helpful.


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