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 Start/Restart of Firehose service failing

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Deepan Chakkaravarthi posted Jul 19, 2018 05:48 AM

When we try to start or restart firehose, getting below error. Is it because my default go_buildpack disabled? or something else?


Unexpected Response

Response code: 500

CC code:    0

CC error code: 

Description:  {

 "description": "Stager error: Unsupported buildpack type: 'go_buildpack'",

 "error_code": "CF-StagerError",

 "code": 170011

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Daniel Mikusa

Yes. That error is telling you that the requested buildpack, 'go_buildpack', is not available. If you've disabled it, you would need to enable it so that you can restage your application. Once your application has been restaged, you should be able to disable the buildpack again.


That said, Pivotal does not recommend disabling any of the system buildpacks. Many of these are used by services provided by the platform and disabling them could have unintended side-effects.

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Deepan Chakkaravarthi

Thank You Daniel. We enabled go_buildpack temporarily & restarted the firehose. Now logs are started rolling. 👍