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 Installing PCFDev in MACOS fails

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Balaji Radhakrishnan posted Jul 03, 2018 12:28 AM

I am trying to install PCF Dev in my Mac OS and for the same reason downloaded this ~10gb file pcfdev-pas.v.2.1.0-build.0.8.0.dev and ran this command "cf dev start -f ~/Downloads/pcfdev-pas.v.2.1.0-build.0.8.0.dev -m 8096" but it fails and gives this exception below. Any suggestion to resolve this issue?



cf dev start -f ~/Downloads/pcfdev-pas.v.2.1.0-build.0.8.0.dev -m 8096

flag provided but not defined: -f

Usage of start:

 -r string

   docker registries that skip ssl validation - ie. host:port,host2:port2