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SAN Health Utility

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how to understand a san health

Hi forum,

do you have documentation for understanding the differents values that san health shows. how to identify problems, bad configurations, high values or something like that?

Thanks for you great help,

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Re: how to understand a san health


When you get the results back and xls workbook is attached.

On the "introduction" tab there's a legend for the colors meaning.

There's link as well to the sanhealth page with instruction video's and documents.

Did you take a look at that?

If there's something specific you would like to know....

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Re: how to understand a san health

Hi Oscar,

We don't have a document like that per se.  Most all of the data in SAN Health is understandable by an experienced SAN administrator.  The SAN Administrator's guides and the FOS References Guides that Brocade publishes should answer any technical question you may have.  There are a few terms in SAN Health that might not be familiar to you like "hanging zones" or some of the terms around the performance stats.  Those are explained in SAN Health help that you can find at the bottom of  If there are any terms or stats that you cannot find an explanation for, please write to SAN Health Admin ( for assistance.



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