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SAN Health Utility

Using SAN Health - Interrupting a SAN Health Audit

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On older Brocade switch models, only one telnet session is allowed. If you need to access the switch while SAN Health is already accessing it, you must stop the SAN Health capture for that switch.


To stop the SAN Health capture:

Click on the switch in the SAN Health progress list and select "Stop Capture" from the drop-down menu.




On newer Brocade switches and Directors, multiple telnet or SSH sessions are supported. However, you should start the additional telnet session from a different workstation. When you have multiple telnet sessions from the same workstation going to the same target, you can generate unknown problems. In general, you never want to take any risks with a production SAN. Because of possible telnet session issues on the workstation, it is highly recommended that you use a different host for the additional telnet session.