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SAN Health Utility

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I have a problem with Sanhealth professional v 1.0.06, it doesn't start.

My computer has S.O windows 7,32bit, SP1.

The error is: app crash, kernelbase.dll... could you help me?

thank you 


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Re: Sanhealth

Hi Maria,

The Kernelbase.dll is a Windows system file and there are a multitude of reasons why it can cause the appcrash error, they can be from user profile corruption, to .net framework problems, the list appears fairly endless.

We have not seen this come up before for SAN Health professional.


To start off, could you please try launching SAN Health Pro by right clicking and choosing "Run as Administrator" or edit the shortcut to acheive the same.


If you still hit problems, please email the details including a full screenshot of the error message to and we can assist you with continuing to troubleshooting the issue via email.



SH Admin

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