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SAN Health Utility

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Sanhealth not working for DCX directors

We are using SAN health 3.25 for capturing performance reports for our brocade switches. It is working fine for the othe brocade switches, but it is not working fine for the DCX directors. Whenever we try to run the report, after validating all the information for the DCX directors it get hung with the performance collection for them. after then we dont see any progress in the report generation.

Could someone help us understand what could be the issue and let us know whether this is a known bug in SAN Health for DCX directors.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Sanhealth not working for DCX directors

I have the same problem with IBM 2499 (BrocadeDCX), after starting performance collection SAN Health (3.2.5) stop at this point - data are still transferred but it makes nothing, maybe the cause is that on the DCX command portperfshow makes output with text "slotx" and on other devices are without this (?). Someone answered You or did You resolve this problem?

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Re: Sanhealth not working for DCX directors

This is a known bug with SAN Health 3.2.5.  The fix will be in SAN Health 3.2.6 due out within about 3 weeks.  The current workaround to get an audit completed is to set the fabric with the DCX in it to "Do Not Capture" for the performance capture part of the audit (on the Fabric Details tab). 

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