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SAN Health Utility

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SanHelath 4.0.7c fail adding additional switches



SanHelath 4.0.7c runs fine with our 16 FC switches.

I have to add 4 new FC switches. Adding fails.

After adding IP username and password. "Add Switch/Fabric".

It starts logging in. Logging in is succesfull

First command after loggin in is: "fc show fabric 1"

Failed to get respnce from fc show fabric 1 after 5 minutes.


How can i fix this.


Previous the switches have been added with older sanhealth versions.


Kind Regards


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Re: SanHelath 4.0.7c fail adding additional switches



Does the setting of the new switches are 100Mb/s full duplex for all Ethernet interfaces?

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Re: SanHelath 4.0.7c fail adding additional switches

Hi Henk,


Could you save the log of this occuring (The save Log icon is at the right of the activity log window) and send it to the SAN Health Admin team via


Could you also let us know the model names of the switches you are adding.


SH 4.0.7c did have a change in the initial device detection routine that was added to handle a new Cisco firmware level.  With the logs we should be able to figure this out and get you back up and running.



SH Admin

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Re: SanHelath 4.0.7c fail adding additional switches



San switch is 100Mb Full duplex and can be reached with SSH/Telnet. Switch works o.k.


I just mailed the requested logfile to ''



FCSW040:admin> chassisshow


Header Version:         2

Factory Part Num:       40-1001157-01

Factory Serial Num:     ALE3245M00D

Manufacture:            Day:  9  Month: 11  Year: 2016

Update:                 Day:  3  Month:  4  Year: 2017

Time Alive:             8 days

Time Awake:             4 days

ID:                     BRD0000CA

Part Num:               SLKWRM0000HP2

Serial Num:             1CG645Cxxxx

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Re: SanHelath 4.0.7c fail adding additional switches



Brocade support asked to change timing.


I think it is most likely to be a timing issue given that the initial connection attempt failed and it looks like the second attempt did not completely receive the login prompt.

So lets slow SAN Health down using the Options menu

First change “How long to wait for port to connect” from 8 seconds up to 20 seconds.

Then also slow SAN Health down by changing “How patient and forgiving of slow command responses” from Normal to Slow


This did not solve the problem.

I changed from telnet to SSH. This did go arond the issue and I can add the switches to sanhealth.


Thanks fro help



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