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SANHealth 4.0.8b is missing host OS version information

SANhealth 4.0.8b excel sheet: "SAN Ports" is missing the OS version of the host in column “Name / Alias / Zone”.

Instead the column “Additional Information from HBA” contains the OS info: (“Windows, ”VMware”, or “Linux”) without a version (i.e. Windows 2012 R2). What do I need to get this info (back)?

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Re: SANHealth 4.0.8b is missing host OS version information


We have made a few changes to the HBA decodes recently.

The level of detail that we get from the HBAs changes depending on the HBA driver/firmware level.

Sometimes we don't get the OS level, sometimes we don't even get the OS type.


Let's make sure we are not missing it for the HBAs in your example due to the recent changes.


Could you please email asking them to look into the Host OS information.  Please provide a BSH file name and a few switch/port number examples so that we can dig into the switch data and make sure that all available information is being included in the SAN Health report.



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