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SAN Health Utility

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SAN health question

Hi Guys,

I'm just wondering if I can use SAN Health to audit my Qlogic switches? I've only use SAN Health on brocade switches and haven't tried it on any other brands.



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Re: SAN health question

See below from a Old FAQ v2.2.3, but i am not sure if in the meantime SAN Health support other Brand.

1.12 Does SAN Health support QLogic, Cisco or CNT/Inrange?

At this point in time SAN Health only supports Brocade and McData. However, we would be interested in gauging

the degree of interest in support for other vendors. If support for a specific additional vendor is important to you,

please email and let us know.

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Re: SAN health question

thanks TH24

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Re: SAN health question

Hi TH24 and kaelo,

That faq is really old...years old, in fact!  The current version of SAN Health is 3.2.0c and supports Brocade FOS switches, Brocade EOS (McData) switches, and Cisco MDS switches.  Qlogic is not supported and there are no current plans to do so.\

Current SAN Health software and a new help file (FAQ) can be obtained at

SAN Health Admin

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