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SAN Health Utility

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SAN Health v4.0.8b cannot rename "Access Gateways" Fabric when created

If you test Fabric Connectivity on a Director (8510-8) it will pick up any Brocade M5424 attached to the core,. In my case all my M5424 are setup as access gateways. I   When the Fabric "Access Gateways" is constructed by SAN Health uitility you have the option to change everything but the Name of the Fabric.  I was able to change this in earlier versions of SAN Health.


Thank you,

Tony Rivera

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Re: SAN Health v4.0.8b cannot rename "Access Gateways" Fabric when created

Hi Tony

So here's why we did this in 4.0.8.


Access Gateways themselves don't have any fabric identity data as they don't participate as a full fabric member. So we don't have a domain ID or principal switch that we can get to that would help us tie it to a specific fabric, when looking at the data from a specific AG itself.


SAN Health uses a tree view to display the SAN with fabric containers full of switches.  We allow switches to be drag and dropped between fabric containers.  We found a few error scenarios where Access Gateways could be moved around, placed in the wrong fabric, etc. If the Access Gateway was then re-added to the audit set, this caused an error when trying to display the tree view.  We did a bit of testing and found a few other similar but obscure ways we could cause errors with Access Gateways being allocated to a fabric container in that tree view.  We also found people had been dragging normal full fabric switches into the AG container.


The simple solution to this was to just lock all Access Gateways into one container that was purposely allocated to them and that's what we did in 4.0.8


In retrospect, there are people with hundreds of AGs and they want to allocate some sort of logical grouping or name within their AGs.  For example "Access Gateways In Fabric A" and "Access Gateways In Fabric B"  Even though the AG itself doesn't contain any information that ties it to that fabric.  We need to allow an additional layer of grouping/naming just for ease of visibility of the audit set.

That means allowing Access Gateways to be drag and dropped between containers again. We're trying to figure out the best way to implement that at the moment.  Needless to say, when you see the next patch after 4.0.8b, upgrade to it so that you can name the AG containers again!

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