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SAN Health Utility

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SAN Health user roles requirement

Hi Support,


I want to create a new user in SAN switch for SAN Health Utility collect san switch performance.

In this case, how many roles need?

Please advise.


e.g.  LocalUserEnviroment (Read & Write Privileges)

        Nocheck (Read & Write Privileges)


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Re: SAN Health user roles requirement


As SAN Health doesn't change anything on the switch and is simply retriving switch logs/diagnostic info,  it only needs read permissions.

In general the permissions used can be quite restrictive, however if the user only has rights to the local switch and not to fabric wide information there can be some information missing from the resulting SAN Health Report.

i.e. SAN Health will still run, but you may end up with a few blank fields in the report for some of the fabric and detailed items that the user does not have permissions to retrieve.




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