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SAN Health Utility

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SAN Health and DCFM

Does anyone know if an upgrade to SAN Health is coming that will allow it to talk to switches via DCFM instead of, or in addition to EFCM? Or, alternatively, does anyone know how to get the current version 3.2.2 of SAN Health to talk to my switches which don't have network connections via DCFM?

I tried simply using my DCFM by telling SAN Health to connect to switches via an EFCM server and using my DCFM server's IP address, username and password in the "Add Switches" section, but that didn't work. I can login to the DCFM server from another server via telnet or SSH, but SAN Health can't seem to connect to it with either telnet or SSH using the same credentials and address. So I guess my thought it that SAN Health really does mean EFCM, but my hope was that it could use either EFCM or DCFM.



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