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SAN Health Utility

SAN Health Switch Diagnostics Option

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For a list of SAN Health Tabs and Options Help, please see SAN Health Tabs and Options.




This tab allows you to select (or deselect) the commands which will be run against the switches in your fabric. Refer to the Brocade Fabric OS Command Reference Guide for information about any Brocade command.  Refer to Cisco documentation for information about any Cisco command.  Also, please look under Options > Switch Diagnostics to ensure which commands are present and selected.


Note that it is undesirable to deselect commands as this will result in blank or completely missing sections in the resulting SAN Health report.


On this tab, you can also set the option to have the Port Statistic Counters on the switch reset at the end of the audit. Doing this will enable you to to compare the port stats between two consecutive SAN Health reports to see how they've incremented in the meantime.