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SAN Health Utility

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SAN Health - Incorrectyly reporting too many Hanging Alias

Last I ran SAN Healt back in June I have 3 known Hanging Aliases. Nothing has changed in my SAN since then. Now recent reports indicated I have 30 hanging aliases. I reran SAN Health again now it's reporting I have 49 hanging aliases. The hanging aliases are also not the same objects from the last 2 reports. In both cases it seems to me that it's missing either switch0 or switch1 of the core switch (SW12000 2/64). ???

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Re: SAN Health - Incorrectyly reporting too many Hanging Alias

Check to see if those switches were included in the Audit set.If not or if the audit of them failed, then the SAN Health Report Generators can't see the attached devices on those switches and will report corresponding zones and aliases as hanging.

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