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SAN Health Utility

SAN Health General Options

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For a list of SAN Health Tabs and Options Help, please see SAN Health Tabs and Options.



Select The Working Directory

Select the location (directory) to save the SAN Audit files. You will need to remember the location of this file as it will need to be sent to Brocade SAN Health for processing by the report generators.


Telnet/SSH Session Timeout and Responsiveness

While you can typically leave the default settings, you can select the communication settings appropriate for your connection here.

     How long to wait for the Telnet/SSH port to connect-Change this setting if your network needs a few more seconds to make the initial connection
     How long to wait for the login handshake the conplete-Change this setting if the login process times out
     How long to wait for a command to finish returning all data-This setting is long by default to allow SAN Health to wait for the output from certain commands on high port count switches.
     Priority the CPU should give to the Telnet/SSH Session-A "Very High" setting here would be used for large numbers of switches to slow the GUI responsiveness while increasing the attention the CLI sessions get. "Very Slow" would be used when CLI sessions should be slowed down to allow the workstation CPU time to consume the incoming data.
     How patient and forgiving of slow command responses-Changing this setting will alter the way SAN Health responds to very slow command resonses.
Please note that jumping right to the slowest setting is not advised as this can cause the switch to timeout instead of SAN Health timing out. Please try each speed until the fastest one that works is found.
Protocol use
Select the appropriate option for your Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH) connection. The default selection will use Telnet first. If the Telnet connection fails SAN Health will attempt an SSH connection. The reverse is true for the next setting, Use SSH First Then Telnet If SSH Fails.  Selecting Only Use Telnet or Only Use Secure Shell (SSH) will use only the option selected and will not attempt the alternative connection.


Double-Byte Password Encryption Compatibility 

Some users with Japanese or Chinese versions of Windows will need to use weak password encryption to ensure compatibilty when saving .SET files.


IP Address Privacy


Selecting this checkbox will mask the IP address of your switches and fabric for additional security. It will however make the reports slightly harder to read as the IP Address information for the switches will be replaced with ***.***.***.### where ### is the actual final octet number.