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SAN Health Utility

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SAN Health Diagnostics Capture crashes


I´ve upgraded from SAN Health Diagnostics Capture version 4.0.8 to 4.0.8b
When trying to save the SAN Health Audit set SAN Health Diagnostics Capture crashes.

Then I downgraded to my previous version, but the issue still persist.
I´ve been running the same .SET file once a week for several months without a single issues or any errors.

•    Bare metal server Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
•    36GB physical memory
•    Screendump of error message attached


Any workaround or ideas solving this issue?


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Re: SAN Health Diagnostics Capture crashes


please proceed as stated in the screenshot, sent the needed log files to the alias and these guys will analyze.



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Re: SAN Health Diagnostics Capture crashes

Just for anyone following this....

SAN Health uses a working directory to spool incomming data from the switches.  It needs full read/write/delete access to whatever directory is specified under the "Working Directory" in the options menu.  The default is C:\SAN Health Audits.


So if you see these Path/File Access Error messages it usually means that the working directory is set to a location that you don't have permission to or it may be full.


The things to try are:

  • Check that you have full read/write/delete permissions to the working directory by creating and deleting a file.
  • Make sure that the drive is not full.
  • Run SAN Health by right clicking on it and selecting "Run As Administrator".
  • Try re-installing SAN Health, but when you install it right click and choose "Run As Administrator".
  • If you are running a very large audit that has a large number of switches being concurrently audited, ensure that your working directory is not set to a slow file share that could act as a bottleneck.
  • This would be highly improbable, but ensure that multiple instances of SAN Health are not running multiple times against the same swictches (potentially causing file lock/access issues on the working files as data spools from the switches).
If the above doesn't resolve the problem, then send an email to


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