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SAN Health Utility

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SAN Health Check ZoneInfo Spreadsheet

I ran a SAN Health Check and the ZoneInfo Spreadsheet showed the Zone Members listed with the aliais names:

Zone Member(s)

adsqatdc03_hba1 hp3part1p7450
alderaan_hba1 p6500np
apmprtpcap01_hba1 hp3partsmpr
xp24cl7c xp24cl5d ariel_bl860_hba1
ariel_bl860_hba1 hp3par8440


Now when I run it the ZoneInfo Spreadsheet shows the Zone Members listed with the WWPN:

Zone Member(s)
50:01:43:80:23:1f:0f:20   20:11:00:02:ac:00:c1:66  21:11:00:02:ac:00:c1:66  22:11:00:02:ac:00:c1:66   23:11:00:02:ac:00:c1:66
50:01:43:80:23:19:4d:a6 20:12:00:02:ac:00:89:6b  21:11:00:02:ac:00:89:6b
50:01:43:80:21:de:90:74 20:01:00:02:ac:01:a8:d2  21:01:00:02:ac:01:a8:d2 22:01:00:02:ac:01:a8:d2   23:01:00:02:ac:01:a8:d2
20:11:00:02:ac:00:c1:66 21:11:00:02:ac:00:c1:66   22:11:00:02:ac:00:c1:66 23:11:00:02:ac:00:c1:66   50:01:43:80:21:de:90:74
50:01:43:80:11:37:30:e8 50:01:43:80:11:37:30:ea  50:01:43:80:11:37:30:ec 50:01:43:80:11:37:30:ee   50:01:43:80:21:de:90:74


Is this now the default or is there a setting that can be changed to display the names instead of the WWPN?




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Re: SAN Health Check ZoneInfo Spreadsheet

Hi Ernest,

Please send the details including the report name to and we'll look into the issue.



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