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SAN Health Utility

SAN Health Add Switches Tab

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For a list of SAN Health Tabs and Options Help, please see SAN Health Tabs and Options.




1.  Enter the switch IP address of one switch from your fabric

2.  Enter the switch login name and password. This information is secure and will NOT be forwarded to Brocade when the SAN Health audit is processed. The passwords are only stored if you save a SET file and when saved in the SET file they are triple encrypted in your local machine.


Please note that only diagnostic commands will be used, therefore the Admin level login and password do not need to be entered. The User level password and login are sufficient for this process. SAN Health may be run using the Brocade Admin or User levels and the M-Series Administrator or Operator levels. Running SAN Health as root is not supported.


3.  Click Add Switch/Fabric. By default, SAN Health will first attempt to connect to this switch using Telnet and then via SSH. After a successful connection, SAN Health logs into the switch to confirm the login credentials.

3.  The fabricShow or equivalent command will be issued and SAN Health then uses the output to automatically determine additional fabric members.

4.  If all switches have the same password, you'll be able to set that on the Fabric Tab.  If they do not have the same password you can enter the different passwords later under the Add Switches tab for each switch.

5.  If this switch is part of a virtual fabric, click the tick box next to the box indicating this.  You'll then be able to set the Fabric ID/Context of the switch.


Please note that to ensure safe operation and clean use of memory and communication resources, you will notice several delays as SAN Health always attempts to ensure that switch sessions are logged out and disconnected cleanly.




Adding switches: