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SAN Health Utility

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Offline SAN health

Hi all,


I have a customer who wants to analyze some of their switches. The problem is that there's no network connectivity, is an isolated network (due to security needs) inside a their site.


So, is there a way to run the SAN Health and retrieve the results offline?


Best regards,

Rodrigo M.

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Re: Offline SAN health

Hi Rodrigo,

Sorry, no. The Windows machine running SAN Health must have network connectivity to the managment ports on the switches to be audited. You could install SAN Health on a laptop, and then temporarily patch the laptop into the subnet that the switches are on. After SAN Health completes it's audit, bring the laptop out and upload the .BSH file for processing.





For the SAN Health online help, please see: 


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Re: Offline SAN health

That's bad news,


Anyways, thanks a lot,


Best regards,

Rodrigo M.

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Re: Offline SAN health



Alternativly, you could also capture a supportsave, save it on a Brocade-branded USB key and then upload to TAC Support (you have to open a case) so they can analyse it to determine if the environment is healthy or not.

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