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SAN Health Utility

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Missing data in several fields and the.CSV files

I have scheduled "SAN Health Diagnostics Capture" to run weekly and I have locally stored "SAN Health reports" back to October 2013.
During the past year (since November 2016) I have (unfortunately) discovered, that there are some very useful details in the PortDetails.csv files that are missing/removed.


Fields not containing data:
Node WWN
Port WWN
Device Type
Derived Type
Zoned To
Device Name

Server Name
Device Details
Driver Version
Model Number
Resold By
Operating System
Info From NS
FC Address
Bound To
Class Of Service


Currently I´m using Brocade SAN Health Version 4.0.8b
From the latest SAN Health Report output dated 2018-01-16 "PortDetails.csv" file, it seems that a lot of information’s has been dropped compared to SAN Health Report output dated 2016-11-02.


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Re: Missing data in several fields and the.CSV files

Just to close the loop on this one, a certain combination of options was causing some of the information not to be added to the CSVs.  This is being fixed in the next build or may have already been fixed.

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