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Meaning for Loopback->Port


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Re: Meaning for Loopback->Port

Hi AndreIf you disable/enable plug out/in a port – the device on that port goes through a whole handshake process and a Fabric login (FLOGI) and Port Login (PLOGI). Then end result is that the port gets an on-line status and the device gets registered in the name server. In the “old” days device drivers sometimes mishandled the FLOGI/PLOGI timing and we used to see the occasional issue with ports coming online. But I haven’t seen this in at least 6 years. The switch tracks this login/port change stuff in the portlogdump and your support provider should be able to decode the portlogdump to see exactly what is going on when that device is plugged in. That said, if it’s an optics problem, then you will get nothing in the portlogdump as the switch is not seeing anything.

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