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Max perf and Average perf not show in SANHealth-report after 4GB/s ISL upgrade?

After we upgraded a couple of our ISL -links from 2GB/s to 4GB/s, I ran SANHealth performance analysis over 24 hours. I received the reports and the report claims that there hasn't been any traffic utilizing those upgraded links and Max perf and Average Perf is 0. I've collected the data with SANHelath 3.14.

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Re: Max perf and Average perf not show in SANHealth-report after 4GB/s ISL upgrade?

Miika,we have experienced something similar after DWDMs were exchanged by provider and 4GB functionality was added on their side without giving notice.
While still using 2GB SFPs on our side we have experienced a lot of enc_out errors and also panic reboots.
Result of portstatsshow stat_c3_frx remained 0 on one of 2 ISL-pairs in each fabric after the HW-Change.
After inserting 4GB SFPs stat_c3_frx still remained 0 on one of 2 ISL-pairs if DSL is not set (which was not set before).

Our configuration:
2 Fabrics,
2 Brocade 3900 / Fabric FabOs V.5.3.1a ,
4 E-Ports / Fabric, 4GB SFPs, Portspeed 2G,
2 ISLs/Fabric - separate ways, distance between locations < 10km

DarkFibre and DWDMs provided and run by external carrier.

We would like to verify that our ISLs are working porperly after DWDMs were exchanged.

If have submitted this question to the community under technology and architecture but so far there were no replies.
At least now you know that someboy out there shares your experience.
Regards, Peter Jerrentrup

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