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SAN Health Utility

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Looking for changelog



We've been using SH now for quite a while, right now 4.0.7c from Brocade.

Recently we bought some EMC/Dell equipment and for a case EMC urged us to use their version of SH, actually version 4.0.1, which is not that stable.

So, is there a SH Changelog where we can lookup the changes and fixes and maybe "force" EMC to update their version ?

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Re: Looking for changelog

Hi Marco,


Wow 4.0.1 is very old and not what EMC is using.

The current version of EMC SAN Health is available on this page...

or this page (which we always keep up to date)


In general the minor number version changes are all about keeping pace with firmware and product releases or minor bug fixes.

However around the 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 releases there were quite a few things added for scalability, Virtual Fabrics/Logical switches and Access Gateways.

The current release is 4.0.7c.

Cisco made some changes to their SSH stack in recent firmware releases, so for anyone who needs that, 4.0.7d covers those changes, but is only neccesary for that 1 Cisco SSH fix.


At the end of this month we are releasing 4.0.8 which is primarily an update for Cisco switches (gathers additional diagnostic data that has become available in their newer firmware levels).


Hope that helps.


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