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SAN Health Utility

How Does SAN Health Interact with the Switches?

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For a list of SAN Health general topics, please see SAN Health General Information.



SAN Health operates by simply opening a Telnet session (using the standard TCP port 23) or SSH session (using the standard TCP port 22) with the switch and retrieving the output from non-intrusive show and dump commands. SAN Health asks for an IP address of any switch in the fabric you want to analyze, then connects to that switch via Telnet or SSH to determine the fabric members. You then have the opportunity to add more fabrics or continue on with the audit. A list of all switches from the fabrics is displayed and can be selected or deselected for the audit.




When the switch audit sessions start, a communications socket is opened to each switch and the show and dump commands are sent, with the resulting output captured into a local data file. (The SAN Health report generation process later analyzes this output.) The commands used have been carefully selected as non-intrusive commands that do not require any switch settings to be changed and do not themselves change any switch settings.


While the switches are being audited, you can optionally view the Telnet/SSH sessions and watch the command execution and outputs. The audit session of a switch, or all the switches, can be stopped at the user's discretion by right-clicking on the switch and selecting the appropriate menu choice.




The following is a list of all the commands that SAN Health runs on the 4 different firmware types.  You may deselect commands that you do not wish to have run under Options > Switch Diagnostics before an audit is run.


Brocade FOS Commands

ad --show (Display Admin Domain Configurations)
aaaconfig --show (Displays the current AAA service configuration)
agshow (Displays access gateway details - will only run on platforms using FOS6 or above)
aptpolicy (Displays the Advanced Performance Tuning policy)
cfgShow (Display Entire Zone Configuration Information)
cfgSize (Display Zone Database Size)
chassisconfig (Displays the configuration of the chassis)
chassisshow (Show Field Replaceable Unit Details)
chassisname (Displays the chassis name)
configShow (Display Switch Configuration Settings)
cryptocfg --show -localEE (Display local encryption engine information)
cryptocfg --show -groupcfg (Display the encryption group configuration)
cryptocfg --show -container -all -cfg (Display encrypted LUN configurations)
diagShow (Power On Self Test Results From Last Boot)
errDump (Display The Error Log)
fabricShow (List Switches In The Fabric)
fabricShow -chassis (List the chassis WWNs and names)
fabricShow -membership (FC Router membership details if present)
fabricShow -paths (List paths to remote domains)
fabStatsShow (Display Fabric Statistics)
fanShow (Display The Fan Status And Speeds)
fcrconfigure --show (Displays FCR Configuration)
fcrfabricshow (Displays FC Routers on a backbone fabric)
fcrpathbwconfig --show (Displays path bandwidth state)
fcrresourceshow (Displays FC Router physical resource usage)
ficonshow rnid (Display The FICON Devices Information)
firmwareShow (Display Firmware Versions by Flash Memory Bank)
fosconfig --show (Displays Fabric OS features)
fwAlarmsFilterShow (Display Fabric Watch Alarms Filter State)
fwFruCfg --show (Display Fabric Watch FRU Actions)
fwPortDetailShow (Display Fabric Watch port and SFP errors)
fwSamShow (Display Fabric switch availability monitor report)
gbicShow (Show Information From Intelligent GBICs)
hashow (Display The Control Processor High Availability Status)
interopmode (display The Multi-Vendor Interop Mode Setting)
islShow (Display Information On Connected Inter Switch Links)
lfcfg --show -cfg (Displays information for the fabric ID set by the context)
lfcfg --showall -cfg (Displays information for all fabrics in all chassis reachable)
lfcfg --show -lisl -v (Displays status information about the LISLs in the logical switch)
lfcfg --showall -lisl (Displays status information of all LISLs in the chassis)
licenseShow (Display Software Licenses On The Switch)
lscfg --show (Displays the partition configuration on a chassis)
mapdb --show (Display The MAPs health Database)
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mapdb --show history (Display The MAPs health history)
mapspolicy --show -summary (Display The MAPs policies)
memshow (Display The Switch Memory Use)
myid (display the status of the system and login credentials)
nsShow (Display The Name Server Database Contents)
nsShow -t (Display The Name Server Database Contents)
portbuffershow (Display The Port Buffer Credit Allocation)
portCfgShow (Display the port configuration settings)
portErrShow (Displays port error counters - will be run at the start and finish of the audit to obtain a delta)
portName (Show Any Assigned Port Names)
portShow fciptunnel all (Displays The FCIP details)
portShow fciptunnel all -params (Displays additional FCIP parameters)
portShow fciptunnel all -c (Displays the FCIP circuits)
portShow fciptunnel ge0 (Displays The FCIP details for 7500 GE0 Port)
portShow fciptunnel ge1 (Displays The FCIP details for 7500 GE1 Port)
portStatsShow (Displays port stat counters - will be run at the start and finish of the audit to obtain a delta)
printLoginHistory (Display the Login History)
psShow (Display The Switch Power Supply Status)
secpolicydump (Displays all members of existing security policies.)
sfpShow (Show Information From Intelligent SFPs)
slotShow (Display Chassis Slot Status)
snmpConfig --show snmpv1 (Displays the SNMP agent configuration data of the specified category.)
snmpConfig --show snmpv3 (Displays the SNMP agent configuration data of the specified category.)
ssn (Display The Switch Serial Number)
switchShow (Display The Switch and Port Status)
switchStatusPolicyShow (Display The Switch Status Alert Thresholds)
switchStatusShow (Display The Switch Status)
sysEnetAddrShow (Display The Ethernet MAC Address)
syslogdIpShow (Display The Syslog Daemon IP Addresses)
sysmonitor --show cpu (Display CPU ussage)
sysmonitor --show env (Display Environment ussage)
sysmonitor --show mem (Display memory ussage)
sysmonitor --show resources (Display resource ussage)
tempShow (Display Temperature Sensor Status)
thconfig --show sfp (Display SFP monitoring)
trunkShow (Display Information On Any ISL Trunks)
tsclockserver (Display The Network Time Protocol Server Address)
uptime (Display Switch Uptime)
uRouteShow (Display Unicast Routing Information)
version (Display Firmware Version Information)


Brocade M-Series Commands

commadelim 1

config ficonCUPZoning show

config ip show

config NPIV show

config port showPortAddr

config port showCredits

config security ssh show

Perf PreferredPath showState

show activeAlias

show eventLog

show fabric nodes

show fabric principal

show fabric topology

show features

show ficonms

show frus

show linkIncidentLog

show loginServer

show nameServerExt

show NPIV config

show openSysMS config

show openTrunking config

show openTrunking rerouteLog

show port config

show port info

show port opticHealth

show port opticInfo

show port status

show port technology

show security portBinding

show snmp config

show switch

show system

show syslog

show zoning


Brocade Mi10K Commands




system errorState

system config

system fru

system inventory

system ip

system log show opentrunking

system log remoteserver

system temperature

System Status

card info

card show

card status

port status

port technology

port opticsinfo

partition show

fc config

fc domainrscn 1

fc enterpriseFabricMode 1

fc openTrunking state 1

fc insistentDomainID 1

fc interopMode 1

fc port config

fc port error

fc port show

fc port status

fc remoteFabric

fc rerouteDelay

fc show fabric 1

fc show Lim

fc show login

fc show nameServer 1 extended

fc show switch 1

fc vf

fspf neighbor 1

fspf route show 1

fspf topology 1

fspf islcost 1

ficon activeEqualsSave

ficon codepage

ficon cupName

ficon hostControlProhibited

ficon managementServer

ficon rnid

ficon programmedOfflineStateControl

ficon show

ficon userAlertMode

zoning defaultZone 1

zoning hardZoning

zoning show zoneSet active 1

snmp authTraps

snmp community

snmp trap

snmp stats

pfe show


MDS Commands

term len 0

show aaa authentication

show aaa groups

show boot

show callhome

show cdp entry all

show cfs internal application

show cfs internal event-history errors

show cfs internal vsan database

show cfs peers

show cfs status

show cimserver

show clock

show crypto ca certificates

show crypto ca trustpoints

show debug

show device-alias database

show environment clock

show environment fan

show environment power

show environment temperature

show ethport internal info

show fc-tunnel explicit-path

show fc-tunnel internal database

show fc-tunnel internal states

show fc-tunnel tunnel-id-map

show fc2 bind

show fc2 classf

show fc2 exchange

show fc2 exchresp

show fc2 flogi

show fc2 nport

show fc2 plogi

show fc2 plogi_pwwn

show fc2 port brief

show fc2 socket

show fc2 socknport

show fcalias

show fcc

show fcdomain

show fcdroplatency

show fcns database

show fcns database detail

show fcns internal info

show fcns statistics

show fcoe

show fcoe database

show fcroute distance

show fcroute multicast

show fcroute summary

show fcroute unicast

show fcs database

show fcs ie

show fcs internal ess-info

show fcs internal info

show fcs statistics

show fcs vsan

show fctimer

show fdmi database

show feature-set fcoe

show flogi database details

show fspf database

show hardware

show hosts

show install all failure-reason

show in-order-guarantee

show interface

show interface brief

show interface counters brief

show interface transceiver

show inventory

show ip access-list

show ip interface

show ip route

show ip routing

show license

show license host-id

show license usage

show logging last 20

show mcast

show module

show module internal exceptionlog

show module uptime

show ntp peers

show npv flogi-table

show port index-allocation

show port-resources internal info

show port-resources module 1

show port-resources module 2

show port-resources module 3

show port-resources module 4

show port-resources module 5

show port-resources module 6

show port-resources module 7

show port-resources module 8

show port-resources module 9

show port-resources module 10

show port-resources module 11

show port-resources module 12

show port-resources module 13

show port-channel summary

show port-channel database

show port-channel usage

show port-license

show processes

show processes cpu

show processes memory

show running-config

show role

show snmp

show snmp host

show snmp community

show sprom backplane 1

show sprom backplane 2

show ssm provisioning

show switchname

show system default zone

show system default switchport

show system health statistics

show system internal feature-mgr feature state

show system internal flash

show system internal sysmgr state

show system redundancy status

show system reset-reason

show system resources

show system uptime

show topology

show trunk protocol

show user-account

show version

show vrrp

show vsan

show vsan membership

show wwn switch

show wwn vsan-wwn

show zone

show zone active

show zoneset active

show zone ess

show zone policy

show zone statistics

show zone status

show zoneset